The Information School is proud to foster
an active and welcoming research culture,
supported by world-class facilities.

In the 2016-17 session, we had 39 PhD students studying in the School. We have also been home to 8 research staff, undertaking a range of projects alongside our academic staff and we hosted 11 visiting researchers over this period. All our research-active staff and students are aligned with one of our seven research groups, to bring them together with experts in their field.
Some of our research staff and PhD students have shared their thoughts on the environment at the Information School and what it is like to be part of our research community.

Research Staff

Monica Lestari Paramita
Research Associate,
Information Retrieval Group

“As a member of the Information Retrieval group, the regular research group meetings have been extremely valuable in providing a supportive environment to discuss my research and get constructive feedback on my work. I have learned many research skills and improved my confidence as a researcher due to the fantastic support from my supervisors and peers in the Information School. The Information School has also supported me to present my work in major conferences in my field and to build networks with researchers from other universities. The wide range of research seminars presented in the department also provide exciting opportunities to continuously learn new things. I would like to further improve my skill as an independent researcher by gaining experience in applying for research funds and pursuing a collaboration with other research groups.”

Dr Simon Wakeling
Research Associate,
Mega-Journals Project

“I’ve been conducting research within the Information School since 2010, first as a PhD student, and since 2014 as a post-doctoral researcher. I’ve always found the research environment to be engaging, challenging and productive. The variety of expertise offered by Information School staff has allowed me to work on a diverse set of projects that have broadened my perspectives on Information Science, offering me experience of a range of fields, methods, and approaches. I believe the skills and knowledge learned during my time at the Information School have thoroughly prepared me for a career in academia.”

PhD Students

Wasim Ahmed 
Project title:
Using Twitter data to provide insights into health conditions and health-related events.

“The Information School has a great research environment that has helped me tremendously in building my academic profile. Whilst studying here, I have delivered over 24 talks on my research, and my blogs have been read in 136 countries with over a quarter of a million page views across a number of channels. I have always found it easy to approach colleagues and bounce ideas off academics who are experts in their respective fields. This helped me work towards producing research papers and has increased the chance of securing an academic post.”

Liliana Sepulveda Garcia
Project title:
Informal Caregivers perceptions of Ambient Assisted Living Technologies for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in Mexico.

“My experience in the Information School has been very challenging and rewarding. I have been able to learn different ways of thinking thanks to the multi-cultural environment around the research labs. There are so many different workshops and seminars to improve your development as a researcher too like the teaching assistant programme, workshops that help you understand the ways you can produce research with impact, skills and techniques for networking and even writing quality research for important journals among many others. I find that the research environment is very collaborative and full of resources that can help us to improve as we have access to prestigious databases and high quality books at the different libraries at the University. In addition, we have access to computers and a wonderful lab space were we can work comfortably.”

Matthew Seddon
Project title:
The application of spectral geometry to 3D molecular shape descriptors.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time as a member of the Chemoinformatics Research Group in the Information School. The research at the Information School covers a broad range of research areas in information science, which has allowed me to hear different academic approaches to similar research, keep up to date on the latest issues in information and society, discuss relevant literature and interact with other researchers from very different backgrounds. It is a lively environment and there is always someone to talk to to get a new perspective and presenting my own work in this context has helped me develop as a researcher.”

Sophie Rutter
Project title:
Activities and tasks: A case of search in the primary school information use environment.

“What I’ve enjoyed at the Information School is that we have department-wide seminars, specialist research groups and dedicated workspace for PhD students. Through these I have gained a wide understanding of the field as a whole as well as specialist knowledge of my area. Furthermore, I have felt supported by peers and academics at all levels.”